Friday, 19 April 2013

paper mached planets

We Paper Mached the sun, the moon and all the planets (making sure that the sizing was correct)
and then painted them a closely as possible to their actual colour!
We used painters tape to and mark out the Solar System on the floor .
This is a great way for the kids to explore the universe in a hands on way!

Games to play:
Which planet is the hottest/coldest?
Which planet is the biggest/smallest?
Which planet starts with the letter M?
What planet is red?
What planet has rings around it?
Orbiting (running, floating, skipping, jumping) around the sun!
We put the names on all the planets, the sun and the moon and put the name on the ground. This was great for the older kids to practice their letter recognition skills.
What you need to Paper Mache the Planets:
- Paper (newsprint is ideal, but any old already used paper will work)
- PVA Glue
- Paintbrush
- Paints
-Painters Tape (this comes off most surfaces easily)
As you know your little monster loses their patience quickly, so have everything at the ready.
  • Tear, cut your paper into strips about an inch wide by 4 inches long- doesn't need to be perfect! Do LOTS- they go quick!
  • Mix the PVA glue and water together 1part water to 2 parts glue. has some for the start and them make more as you go!
  • Blow up the balloons - make sure to do different sizes of each planet, the sun (that will be the biggest) and the moon (which will be the smallest)
Here's a great size chart
  •  Use your paint brushes and apply some of your glue/water past onto the balloon. Place a piece of paper onto the past and then use your paint brush to apply more past on the top of the paper.
  • Keep coving your balloon(s) until completely covered. Leave to dry - you might have to give it another layer if you want it extra strong (this will help it last longer!)
Paint each planet, the sun and the moon

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